THE OPENING BALANCE was $5220 with each unit valued at $20.00

Confirmed bets will be posted no later than 90 minutes prior to Race 1  

Final payout for each share for the 2014/2015 season was $10 per unit. Those members who had "shares" will be contacted by their club.


Wellington Racing Club

 Saturday 5th December 2015

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 RACE                     BET TYPE                        RUNNERS                                                  INVESTMENT COLLECT            

Rangitikei Racing Club

Saturday 21st November 2015

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 RACE                     BET TYPE                        RUNNERS                                                   INVESTMENT COLLECT            
 Race 6  $100 E/W  No. 5 Justlikeyasister  $200.00  Nil
 Race 6
 Quaddie $200.00 (11%)





 $200.00  Nil


 Manawatu Racing Club

Thursday 12th November 2015

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 RACE  BET TYPE          RUNNERS                                   INVESTMENT   COLLECT 

Race 2


 $100 E/W  No 1 Casaquinman  $200.00  Nil
 Race 6  
 Quaddie $200.00 (22%) 2-4-5-6-8
 $200.00  Nil



Otaki-Maori Racing Club

Tuesday 3rd November 2015
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 RACE                     BET TYPE                        RUNNERS                                                   INVESTMENT COLLECT            
Race 4  $100 Each Way  7 Scoota King  $200.00  NIL
 Race 6  $200 % Quaddie (33%) 1-2-4-13
 $200.00  NIL


Feilding Jockey Club

Saturday 31st October 2015

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 Race 4  $100 Each Way  No.1 Darci Mac  $200.00  $420
 Race 6  $200 quaddie (14%) 1,3
 $200.00  NIL

Wellington Racing Club

 Saturday 24th October 2015

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 RACE                     BET TYPE                        RUNNERS                                                  INVESTMENT COLLECT            
 Race 2  $100 Each Way  Bachelor Zeel  $200  $190
   $100 Quaddie 15%

 Race 6
3. Dubaiinstyle
4. Five To Midnight
5. Liapari
6. What's The Story
9. Bella Court
Race 7
2. Pencuri
4. Sealed By A Dance
6. Iffwedance
11. Endeavor
Race 8
1. Addictive Habit
3. Shuka
4. Julinsky Prince
7. Ginner Hart
9. Allez Eagle
11. Kisses
13. Platinum Witness
Race 9
3 Teddytwinkletoes
13. Nymph Monte
15. Pella
16. Profile

 $100  NIL

2015 / 2016 SEASON

OPENING BALANCE    261 units    $5220  $20.00
Sat 24-Oct 2015 Wellington RC  $300  $190 


Sat 31-Oct Feilding JC  $400  $420   $5090   $19.50 
Tues 3-Nov Otaki-Maori RC  $400  $0  $4690  $17.97 
Thurs 12-Nov Manawatu RC  $400  $0  $4290  $16.44
Sat 21-Nov Rangitikei RC  $400  $0  $3890   $14.90
Sat 5-Dec Wellington RC        
Sat 12-Dec Manawatu RC        
Sat 19-Dec Manawatu RC        
Sat 26-Dec Manawatu RC        
Mon 4-Jan 2016 Otaki-Maori RC        
Sat 9-Jan Marton JC        
Sat 16-Jan Wellington RC        
Sat 23-Jan Wellington RC        
Sat 30-Jan Wellington RC        
Sat 13-Feb Manawatu RC        
Sat 27-Feb Otaki-Maori RC        
Fri 4-Mar Marton JC        
Thur 10-Mar Otaki-Maori RC        
Sat 19-Mar Wellington RC        
Sat 2-Apr Manawatu RC        
Fri 8-Apr Manawatu RC        
Sat 9-Apr Wellington RC        
Sat 23-Apr Wellington RC        
Mon 25-Apr Feilding JC        
Thurs 5-May Otaki-Maori RC        
Thurs 19-May Otaki-Maori RC        
Sat 21-May Rangitikei RC        
Sat 28-May Wellington RC        
Thurs 2-Jun Feilding JC        
Sat 11-Jun Wellington RC        
Sat 18-Jun Manawatu RC        
Fri 24-Jun Otaki-Maori RC        
Sat 9-Jul Marton JC        
Sat 16-Jul Wellington RC        
Thurs 30-Jul Manawatu RC        



RACE Punters Club- Terms & Conditions 

1.            Shares can only be purchased by Members of the six Clubs which comprise RACE Inc and shareholders must be aged 18 years or older;
2.            Shares are $20 each, there is no limit on how many a Member can buy;
3.            Bets placed will be decided by the RACE Inc management team or their guest selectors. One or a combination of these selectors will be used at each meeting;
4.            Staff of RACE Inc will be in charge of placing the bets and administration;
5.            The Chief Executive of RACE Inc will act as judge and moderator if necessary and have the final say if any disputes should arise;
6.            All bets will be updated on the RACE Inc punters club web page and all members with a valid email address will have an email detailing the days bets sent to them the morning of the race meeting.
7.            The Punters Club for the racing year will start on the Wellington Racing Club October meeting at Trentham and continue on all meetings held by one of the six Clubs until the end of the season.
8.            The maximum bet on any one race day will be $1,000
9.            Shares in the RACE Punters Club close on the Monday prior to the opening race meeting at Trentham.
10.        The frequency, number and types of bets will be entirely at the discretion of the selectors.
11.        Any dividend at the end of the season can either be re-invested, used as a credit on Membership Subscriptions or be claimed;
12.        Shares cannot be sold;
13.        Redemption of shares or withdrawing from the RACE Punters Club is not permitted until the conclusion of the racing season;
14.        The RACE Punters Club will be run separate to any individual Punters Club that may be held on any particular race day;
15.        There will be no tickets issued but a share certificate will be issued upon receipt of payment.