Permanent Signage at Trentham

Exterior Signage and Promotion

The all year round usage of Trentham Racecourse for both race days and non-racing functions offers significant value in exterior signage and promotion.
There are a range of options for positions, size and impact, to suit most needs and preferences. Please contact us to discuss pricing options.
Before making any final decision, we would welcome you making a visit to Trentham Gardens to make sure you have the site that really suits your company best.
In each of these areas we would of course work closely with your marketing people to ensure the correct placement and presentation of brands and logos.

Permanent On-course Signage

Permanent on-course signage is available on annual lease.
These are highly visible on all events held at Trentham each season and includes the magnificent Wellington Cup Day, when your sign becomes as prominent as any Wellington City billboard to the estimated 23,000 people attending.

Our permanent sign spaces fall into three categories:

1.1 Back straight signage at Trentham

These signs are designed to provide maximum presence for both on-course crowds and television exposure. They are strategically placed along the back straight of the course adjacent to the main race starting positions where the cameras usually focus, and also at the final turn of the racecourse, where they come sharply into view when the horses turn for home.
These signs provide an excellent platform to promote your company.

Signage can be leased to prominently display company names and logos.
Current companies with leases on back straight signs include Mills Reef Winery, Dulux, More FM, El Cheapo Cars, TRAX Bar & Café, and  The Dominion Post.

1.2 Forecourt signage

Signs in this area are much more prominent to the attending public - they simply can't be missed by anyone attending the race day!
When you consider the 30,000 people attending over Cup Week, you have a very effective and valuable billboard of City proportions.

We would be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

1.3 Entrance/Exit signage

The main course entrance features a large sign which is available for leasing and signwriting. This placement catches the eye of the race day customers both on entering and leaving the racecourse.

Temporary Race Day Signage

A prominent option for race days, these signs are placed directly adjacent to the winning post, and obviously are in clear focus for all watching the race day from both on-course and off-course (by TV) vantage points


Please contact us to discuss further opportunities CLICK HERE


Wellington Racing Club at Trentham


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Saturday 26th October 2014

9 Races

First Race : approx 12.54 pm
Gates open 11.30 am



NZ Bloodstock Regional
Awards Dinner
Thursday August 21st

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